Ever faced a situation where you aren't able to delete content assets in Paperflite?

Well, that can happen in three different instances.

1. When you're trying to delete and asset in Streams (i.e., My Hub) and you don't have 'Write' access to it. In this case, you're not the owner of the Stream, and only have a 'read' access to it. Only the owners of a Stream can delete the assets in it.

2. Imagine you've used QuickSend to share an asset from your local drive with a prospect/customer. Notice how this asset has been shared from your local drive and did not already exist on the Paperflite platform. In this case, the asset becomes part of the "Uncategorized' collection in My Collections. You will not be able to delete assets in the 'Uncategorized' collection. Below is the screen grab of the 'Uncategorized' collection looks like.

3. In this instance, imagine having connected your Streams to an external storage systems such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. You cannot delete an asset whose origins are from an external storage provider. Instead you can delete the asset in the respective storage systems and synchronize it with Paperflite.

If you don't want to link with external data sources, you can hit 'delete' to remove it. Click here to know how to link your content assets with external storage systems.

Do you still have queries? Send them to us at support@paperflite.com and we'll be glad to assist.

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