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How Do I Enable Prospects To Re-share/Download My Content?
How Do I Enable Prospects To Re-share/Download My Content?

Learn how to let your prospects and customers to Re-share and Download your content.

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Your amazing content has a purpose - to impress your target audience/provide value to them for the time that they're spending interacting with it.

So, you need to give them options to download it or re-share it with other folks they think is appropriate. Here's how you can do it.

When You're Sharing Content Through Compose

You can use Compose to share your content assets in Paperflite. The Compose feature is located at the left-hand side of the Paperflite menu. Click on it to open the window where you can attach the content assets you intend to send to your prospects/customers. 

Click here to know in detail how to use Compose.

When you're done with your mail and have attached your content, you will notice the option to download and re-share the content at the far right-hand top of the Compose window above the asset thumbnails (refer the above screen grab for this feature). 

Check the boxes if you'd like your recipients to download/re-share the content.

When You're Sharing Content Through Links

Alternatively, when you're sharing content through links, you can enable your audience to download and re-share the content.

Click here to know how to create a link for your content assets to be sent. The below screen grab shows when you're ready to share content through links. 

Notice the option where you can allow your recipients to download and re-share your content in the highlighted box in the above screen grab.

Now, imagine your prospects/customers have re-shared this collection. How do you track this? Go to the respective conversations to know the hierarchy as it moves between different users. 

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