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How Do I Set An Expiry For My Content Assets?
How Do I Set An Expiry For My Content Assets?

Know how you can make your content usable within a certain time period.

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Your content assets can be set up with an expiry so that they're valid only in a certain time interval. Imagine if you're launching a campaign and offering a limited period for your products/solutions and you're using content to promote it.

When you launch such campaigns using content from Paperflite, you can ensure the content is valid only during the time interval that the campaign is active.

This option can be used when you're generating links to send to your prospects. Once you've entered the email ids of the recipients and gotten it ready, notice the advanced options to customize your content.

In the above screen grab, notice the option to set an expiry date and time in the highlighted box. Click on 'Save Changes' once you're done and your content is ready to sail!

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