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I Don’t Wish To Track My Content. How Do I Do That?
I Don’t Wish To Track My Content. How Do I Do That?

Learn how to use the 'Anonymous Link' feature

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At times, you may not need to track analytics behind content assets that you share with your target audience. What do you do during such times?

It is easy - Anonymous Links.

Anonymous Link is a quick-to-use feature that works in the same manner as a personalized link, but without the analytics.

You can create an Anonymous Link for a Collection or an asset when don’t wish to track the analytics of your content piece.

On an asset or a Collection, click on 'Generate Link' and then click on the option 'Anonymous Link.' Now hit ‘Get Link’ to get your anonymous link that you can copy and share it around.

Click here to know more about using the 'Generate Link' feature in Paperflite.

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