All of us like to keep content always at hand, especially when there are numerous systems that we use.

We recognize this need for you to stay connected with your content. That is why the Paperflite application lets you synchronize with all your storage systems be it Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

Click here to know how to integrate with these storage systems.

However, if you've deleted an asset in Google Drive, it will not automatically get deleted in Paperflite. You will have to manually synchronize it to get it in line with Paperflite.

Here's how you do it.

Once you've mapped the file in Google Drive, you can now easily synchronize it for all changes that you make in the data source. Notice how the file path in the data source is mapped in Paperflite. Click on 'Sync' to make all your files in line with your data stream.

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