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Email Gating for Lead Generation
Email Gating for Lead Generation

Learn how to gate your content assets to generate leads effectively

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Imagine yourself having access to awesome content that can make leads fall in love with your business. It is an incredible opportunity for you to reach out to them before they go cold.

So, how can you convey your value proposition to them? By having their email ids of course!

But, how do you convince them to give up their email ids in exchange of something that is valuable to them?

Let us explain this in three simple steps.

Watch this quick video to know how this works.

Step 1: Logging in to Paperflite

Log in to your Paperflite account.

Step 2: Picking content assets and collections

When you've narrowed down on the content asset or collection that you'd like to share with your prospects.

You can generate a link for your content assets. Read this post if you are wondering how to generate a link. While generating a link, don't forget to 'Enable email gating' option, which lets you capture the email IDs of your leads and prospects.

Now sit back and relax.

When your end-users click on this link, they are prompted to enter their email IDs. Your lead/prospect engagement with your content assets will be recorded as conversations in Paperflite. Moreover, these new leads/prospects are automatically saved as new contacts in Paperflite.

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