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Microsoft Dynamics Integration
Microsoft Dynamics Integration

In this article you will learn how to set up MS Dynamics Integration

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STEP 1: Setting Up in Paperflite

  1. Log in to your Paperflite account at

  2. Head over to Settings → Integrations.

  3. Activate Microsoft Dynamics.

  4. In a separate tab, log in to your Microsoft Dynamics account.

5. To activate Microsoft Dynamics, plug in the Instance Name (Your Microsoft Dynamics URL) and your Microsoft Dynamics email address here. While you’re at it, don’t forget to select the events that you wish to track and ‘Save Changes’ when you’re done.

STEP 2: Lead Generation in Paperflite

  1. Narrow down on the content asset or collection that you'd like to share.

2. Choose the ‘Generate Link’ option on the top right corner of the banner.

3. Choose the ‘Anonymous Link’ option and hit ‘Get Link’.

4. Under Additional Settings turn on the 'Enable email gating' option, which lets you capture the email IDs of your leads and prospects.

Hit ‘Save Changes’ and copy the link below to share it externally.

When your end-users click on this link, they are prompted to enter their email IDs.

Your lead/prospect engagement with your content assets will be recorded as a lead in Paperflite and Microsoft Dynamics.

STEP 3: Viewing Analytics

In your Microsoft Dynamics account, click on Leads -> Timeline to view the analytics. You will also get notifications when your lead view/reshares your asset/collection.

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In your Paperflite account, click on Conversations to view the analytics. This gives you insights about how your leads have engaged with your content.

Moreover, these new leads/prospects are automatically saved as new contacts in Paperflite.

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