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Content Viewing Experience on Paperflite
Content Viewing Experience on Paperflite

How your shared content will be experienced by your prospects and customers

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Your content viewing experience on Paperflite has gone through a revamp and has been enhanced to make for a much more immersive and focused reading experience to promote content consumption.

This article walks users through the new content viewer on Paperflite and all the functionalities of Paperflite’s new content viewer:

  1. Layout of the content viewer

  2. Progress capturing

  3. Navigation menu

  4. Engage module

  5. Download and share options

  6. Scrolling through sections

Layout of the Content viewer

There are 3 content viewing experiences that you customize for your viewers.

  • List Viewer

  • Immerse Viewer

  • Gallery Viewer

List Viewer

All the Assets in the Collection will be listed vertically on the left side of the Viewer. The content piece and the respective section you’re viewing will be highlighted.

Immerse Viewer - At the top, you have a list of all the sections in the Collection, and right underneath is the list of assets in that Collection. The content piece and the respective section you’re viewing will be highlighted.

Gallery Viewer - After scrolling to the bottom of each content piece, you will see a list of the subsequent Assets arranged horizontally.

Apart from viewing your asset in an optimized manner, you get the below details while viewing the asset:

  • Name of the asset

  • Content-Type

  • No. of pages/size of the file

On the top left, beside the name of the asset, the organization’s logo also is present which makes it easy to add custom branding for each of your prospects/customers.

Capturing readers’ progress

The progress bar on the top right corner around the close X button denotes the progress of your viewing the asset.

Based on your scroll, the bar will start showcasing your progress with a color for easy identification.

Navigation menu

The navigation bar is present at the bottom of the screen, right in the center. Use the options from the menu to zoom out or zoom in, and switch between single page view or continuous scrolling.

You will also find the button to view your content in the full-screen mode, in the top right corner.

Upon clicking, the viewer expands for more visibility.

The same button helps you scale back down to the original size.


Engage is a live conversational engine on Paperflite.

The engage chat icon for a collection will be present in the bottom right corner. The chat pop-up allows you to interact with the sender of the collection in case you have any doubts or questions with regard to the collection.

Note: Engage is a feature that is required to be enabled on an account level. Please contact to get it enabled for you.

To learn more about Engage in detail, you can look at the article here.

Download and Share

A collection comes with the ability to download and share the content individually.

Note: A recipient can choose to disable the share and download option within the Paperflite instance either on an account level or at an asset level while sharing the content externally.

Download: When you click on the download button, a pop-up appears for you to choose to download the respective or the collection itself. Upon clicking on Download it directly gets downloaded on your device.

Share: When you click on the Share button, a pop-up appears for sharing the repsective asset ONLY, with a pre-added template, which allows you to edit your email and share it with others.

Note: The email goes from and cannot be custom.


A section is an additional layer of organization that you can add to your content in a collection.

When there are multiple sections in a collection, the viewer helps to showcase your content in an orderly manner. They are arranged on the topmost part of the viewer and showcased section is highlighted in the primary colour.

Upon clicking, you can switch between sections and view your content. The assets under the respective sections are layered out underneath along with the details like the Name, Content-Type, and Size of the file.

Tadaa… And that was a quick brief on how the Paperflite content viewer has changed to make the content viewing experience even more smoother.

If you want a quick overview of the asset viewer, please reach out to us at and we will be glad to help you.

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