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How do I set up Recommended Content on my Salesforce account?
How do I set up Recommended Content on my Salesforce account?

Learn how to configure recommended content on Salesforce to help your Sales team have high-performing content to share with their prospects

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Configuring the content recommendations module helps the Sales teams always have high-performing content recommended to them for every opportunity.

This helps the sales team use the most updated and relatable content recommended by Paperflite.

In this article, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Setup Custom fields on Salesforce

  2. Bringing custom fields from Salesforce to Paperflite

  3. Setting up the Recommended content on Salesforce

Setting up Custom Fields on Salesforce

To set up recommended content, you need to set up the custom fields to begin with.

Go to the "Gear" icon on the top and click “Setup”. You’re now taken to the Setup tab on Salesforce.

Next, head to the "Quick Find" section on the left menu bar and search for Object Manager.

Once you’re in the Object Manager window, navigate to “Opportunity”.

Under Opportunity, go to Fields & Relationships and click on New.

Upon clicking on New, the next screen is where you choose the data type. Scroll down to choose from Picklist or Picklist (multi-select) only. Click on Next once selected.

Fill in the Field Label and Field Value details. After filling in the details, click on Next.

On the next slide, you can control the field-level security for the custom fields. Once done, click on "Next".

Once you’ve established the custom field, click on Save.

You can repeat the same procedure to add more custom fields to your account.

Bringing custom fields from Salesforce to Paperflite

After creating the custom fields on Salesforce, we’ll now bring them to Paperflite.

Login to your Paperflite account and head to the Salesforce integration available under Settings.

You will notice a field called Shared Fields. Under that option, click on Add Fields.

Select all the custom fields that you want to drag into Paperflite from Salesforce.

After the fields have been added, make sure you click on Save Changes.

Once you’ve set up the Custom Fields, they will be available under Settings > Account > Custom Fields.

Note: The custom fields brought in from Salesforce will have the logo alongside the fields.

Setting up the Recommended content

To start the setup, you can begin by tagging the metadata on the assets.

To tag the metadata, head to the respective asset and click on the three dots in the top-right corner. Choose Edit and scroll down to the custom fields. Select the values related to the asset and update.

Tagging the metadata for the assets is essential for the recommended content to populate on your Salesforce.

Now let’s set up Recommended content on Salesforce.

Go to the "Gear" icon on the top and click “Edit Page”. You’re now taken to the Lightning App Builder module on Salesforce.

Here, on the right, you’ll see tabs that are relevant to the opportunity.

Let’s go ahead and add another custom tab by clicking on the “Add Tab” button. The default label is “details”.

When you click on “Details”, a drop-down menu opens up. Change the label from Details to Custom which is at the top of the list.

Give this tab a new custom label. Let’s call this “PF Recommendations”.

Now a custom tab has been created under “PF Recommendations”.

When you click on the tab, you’ll see it’s empty and says “Add Components

On the left, you’ll see a list of components. Navigate to “Custom-Managed”, and you’ll see three components. These are the same three components that we ensured when we installed the LiteApp package.

  • Recommended

  • Opportunities_Share

  • Contact_Conversation

Let’s drag “Recommended” and drop it into the “PF Recommendations” tab on the right.

This is the tab where Sales reps will get to see content recommendations for each opportunity.

Now hit “Save”. And then click on the Back button in the top left corner.

That's it, you've now configured content recommendations within Salesforce.

Now, for every opportunity, Paperflite will recommend high-performing content right within sales reps' workflow.

If you need more support, please reach out to us at, and we'll be glad to assist!

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