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Can I customize my URL or domain on Paperflite?
Can I customize my URL or domain on Paperflite?
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Yes, absolutely.

Customization of your URL aka white labeling is very simple. with Paperflite. For example, it could be something like instead of the default

Please reach out to your dedicated customer success executive or email to customize your domain.

How do I customize the domain URL?

Step 1:

To begin with, you can choose a URL of your preference and pass it on to your dedicated customer success representative.

Step 2:

The Paperflite team will generate the CNAME records for your IT team to add to the website's DNS.

Here’s how your CNAME records will look:

The first one is the AWS security certificate, and the second one is for the URL itself.

Note: The records expire in three days, so you will have to add them within that timeframe from when the records are shared.

Step 3:

Once your IT team adds the CNAME record to your website’s DNS, let your customer success representative know in order to get it verified.

Once the validation is complete, you’re all set to send out your content. :)

Still got queries, reach out to and I’ll be happy to help.

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