Accessing Seek on Slack

Learn how you can implement Seek on Slack and get information to get things done faster

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Seek is Paperflite’s AI-powered LLM processing solution that helps revenue teams discover and utilize information from your organization’s content library and move sales conversations forward

And now, we’re bringing Seek to your Slack channels to ensure you have faster access to information you need within your workflows.

Now when a prospect asks you how you’re different from your competitors, you don’t have to go scouring through your battlecards. Just Seek on Slack!

This guide walks you through integrating Seek within Slack and access information from within your content on Slack.

Here are the steps involved:

  1. Integrating Slack into your Paperflite account.

  2. Using Seek on Slack

Step 1: Integrating Slack into your Paperflite account.

Head to and log into your Paperflite account using your credentials.

Now, navigate to Settings and then head to Integrations. Under the Notifications tab, you should be able to see Slack.

Next, go to the Slack tile and click on Activate. Authenticate the Slack Integration.

After authenticating, it will take you to the Slack permissions window. Read through the permissions and select allow.

You’ve now successfully integrated Paperflite with Slack. A world of opportunities has now been made available to you; you’ve been warned!

Step 2: Using Seek on the Slack Application

Seek can be accessed in different channels and/or in Direct Messages (DMs) and will be available in a thread view right within the chat window.

To Launch Seek, type the slash command (/) seek or /seek followed by a query.

Seek will process your question and provide you with relevant information or search results within Slack.

You can also have follow-up conversations with Seek by replying to its messages in the thread view of Slack.

Information Retrieval and Access

Once you’ve asked your query, here’s what the responses will look like:

  • A detailed text-based response to your query

  • Who posted the query (in case of using Seek in a Slack channel)

  • Links to relevant assets on Paperflite attached

  • An upvote/downvote button at the bottom of the response

That's it! You now have Seek made available to you on Slack! Happy Seeking?

If you require further assistance, get in touch with us at and we'll be happy to help!

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