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Auto Mapping of Deals - Salesforce

Learn how you can use the auto-mapping feature to gather insights on deals

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Introducing Auto Mapping

Here’s an upgrade in the way Paperflite and Salesforce work together. Now, when you share something from Paperflite and the person you're sharing with is already a contact in Salesforce, deals get mapped automatically!

Let's break it down: you share a file using Paperflite, and if the person you sent it to is in Salesforce, the shared content links up with ongoing deals right there in Paperflite. It's like connecting the dots between your content and your ongoing business opportunities.

This isn't just about sharing documents; it's a smart, automatic way to keep everything in sync between Paperflite and Salesforce. The result? Your shared content gets neatly organized under the relevant deals in Paperflite's Conversations section.

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually tracking things – now, your shared content effortlessly fits into the bigger picture of your ongoing deals in Salesforce. Let's dive into how this auto-mapping feature can supercharge your workflow.

Ensure these 2 prerequisites are checked for the Auto Mapping function to work in Paperflite.

  1. Enable Remote Site Settings in Salesforce:

Go to Setup on the top right corner of the screen and click on Setup for Current App.

Search for Remote Site Settings on the Quick Find bar

Click on New Remote Site in Remote Site Settings and fill in the below details. Ensure that the box for Active is checked.

For the Remote Site URL, copy and paste the below link:

Once you have filled in all the details, click on Save to continue.

2. The email address under Admin Configuration in Paperflite should be the System Administrator in Salesforce

How Automapping works

Once the required prerequisites are met, let us understand how the automation of associating a specific share from Paperflite occurs with a corresponding Contact in Salesforce.

When a share is initiated from Paperflite to a recipient, and if the recipient is already registered as a contact in Salesforce, the integration automatically maps the Deal (or Opportunities as referred to in Salesforce) that the Contact is associated with.

The list of deal values that get mapped for the Contact is shown in the picture below:

  • Name of the deal/opportunity

  • Deal Value (Amount)

  • Deal stage

How it gets reflected on the Paperflite Platform:

In your Paperflite instance, head to the Conversations section and click on the respective share. You will notice a metric named Deal Value, presenting the Name, Amount, and Stage of the deal respectively.

If you require further assistance, get in touch with us at and we'll be happy to help!

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