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6sense x Paperflite Integration
6sense x Paperflite Integration

Learn how you can Integrate Paperflite with 6sense

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Paperflite, a sales enablement platform, excels at organizing, managing, and distributing content efficiently. On the other hand, 6sense, an account-based orchestration platform, harnesses artificial intelligence and data analytics to identify and prioritize potential customers. Together, this integration enhances the sales process by leveraging the predictive insights from 6sense to personalize and target content within Paperflite.

Step 1: Integrating Paperflite with 6sense

Log in to Paperflite at Navigate to Settings > Integrations > 6sense and click on Activate.

Enter the API key to Activate your account.

To retrieve the API Key, Log in to your 6sense account > Go to the API Token Management page and find your API key. Copy it and Paste the key on the Paperflite platform.

Step 2: How the Integration works

  • Once you have configured 6sense into Paperflite upon following the previous step, shares that are made from Paperflite will have the 6sense Script ID injected into the viewer URL of Paperflite.

  • When the recipient opens the share made from Paperflite, the demographics concerning the recipient would be populated on the 6sense dashboard.

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