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Deal Insights
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Deal insights is a space where you may keep track of all your active sales opportunities or deals. This module's data is only populated after your CRM has been connected with Paperflite. Currently, this feature is only available for Salesforce CRM.

Log in to Paperflite at and look for ‘Deal Insights’ in the left-hand menu bar.

The first panel you'll notice gives you a high-level overview of your deals or key indicators that you may access quickly.

Total number of active deals: This metric displays the total number of open deals.

Value by revenue: The value connected with the deals in terms of revenue.

Average Confidence: This is the average of AI probability for all deals.

Every deal in the 'All Deals' section will be classified based on the following CRM parameters: Deal Title, Customer, Value, Team Confidence, Creation date, Owner, Close date.

Paperflite will also calculate the ‘AI Probability’ for each deal which is the possibility of a deal closing based on the level of engagement with the shared content, such as views, downloads, and time spent. The date of the last share made to the consumer can also be found in the 'Last activity’ column.

You have the opportunity to further summarise the data by utilising the filter option based on the AI probability assigned to the deals. Deals with a probability of 0-35% are labelled as "deals at risk," those with 35-65% are categorised as "deals slipping away," and those with 65% or higher are designated as "deals at risk."

When you click on a deal, a graphical representation of the AI probability will be displayed for a set period of time and this data will be updated daily.

You can also see your recipient's activities with the date/time and history of content you've shared with them under the 'Timeline' and 'Content Shared' sections.

The 'Deal Insights' function is particularly helpful for your sales teams in determining which possibilities to focus on and direct their attention towards.

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