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How Do I Add/Edit Tags to My Content?
How Do I Add/Edit Tags to My Content?

Discover how you can easily add tags to your content assets in Paperflite

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Tags are an integral part of your content assets. They are part of the meta description help you discover, locate and dig up content that you need. Tags are keywords that originate from your content strategy.

When you store your assets in the Paperflite platform, you can easily identify them with tags.

In this short post, let us look at how you can add/edit tags for your content assets. 

Log in to Paperflite, go to the content which you'd like to add tags to (in either My Collections or My Hub). When you click on the asset, notice the 'Edit' option at the top of the asset menu above its thumbnail.

Click on it to open the options to edit the asset properties such as changing the thumbnail, altering the asset name, adding a a description & tags to it. You can use the same process to add/edit asset tags as well.

Click here to know how to edit the properties of your content assets.

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