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How Do I Add/Edit Content Description?
How Do I Add/Edit Content Description?

Learn how to add/edit the description of your content assets in Paperflite

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When you've stored your awesome content in Paperflite, you need to make it discoverable to your teams because that's who it is meant for. With the correct asset descriptions and keywords, your teams can easily locate the content assets that they need to reach out to their customers/prospects.

So, don't forget to add/edit content descriptions in all your assets. Here's how you do it.

Log in to Paperflite, go to the content which you'd like to add the description to (in either My Collections or My Hub). When you click on the asset, notice the 'Edit' option at the top of the asset menu above its thumbnail.

Click on it to open the options to edit the asset properties such as changing the thumbnail, altering the asset name, adding a a description & tags to it.

Add the asset description and hit 'Update' at the bottom to save your changes. You can use the same process to edit asset descriptions as well.

Click here to know how to edit the properties of your content assets. 

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